Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Starting on the letter....

While the girls were sleeping this afternoon, I started going through the year (reading on my blog) and writing down the main highlights so that my mom can take the list and then write out our annual New Years update letter.  I only got through February, so have a ways to go!  It's amazing how many things happen in just 365 days worth of living.

When I got home from work, everyone else was lazing around the house (except for my mom who was doing a session), so I suggested we all head out to the shop for some ping-pong practice, which we then did for the next 2 hours. 

My mom and Andrew are going to Bismarck tomorrow and I'm hoping they'll have time to buy some fabric for me so I can finish my quilt.  I cut out little samples of my fabric so they can have it for reference in the fabric store, if they have time to go...

I'd better get to bed, as I have an early morning of babysitting tomorrow.  :)

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