Saturday, January 30, 2010

An all too short visit with the Bartletts~

It's about time to get the noon meal on the table, but I wanted to post these pictures from our visit with the Bartletts first. (I'll write about the grain cleaner and my puppy tonight...) What I didn't mention last night is that Andrew stayed at the Bartletts' house and will be there until Dad goes up to the Turtle Mountain area again on Sunday to pick up the grain cleaner. Chores have been going pretty well without Andrew, as my dad has been feeding all the hay that he usually feeds (and grinds grain); Jacob gets the cows in; Mom comes out to the barn earlier; and I just need to carry more water and grain to a few more animals than usual and haul the garden hose around to the different cattle watering locations... Andrew e-mailed this morning and it sounds like he's having a great time already. :)
And now, finally, here are the pictures I took yesterday at our friends' house:
Andrew was showing some of the Bartletts pictures of the grain cleaner...
The fathers visiting...
I like how Jacob & David's shirts almost match!
Mr. Bartlett was telling us how their electric butter churn worked...

Mrs. Bartlett sent 2 plates full of delicious muffins and some oranges along with us for our return-home journey. Only 2 muffins made it back to our farm. :) (Thanks again, Mrs. Bartlett!!!)

I'm hoping Andrew is taking lots of pictures of his time there so he can share them with you when he's home again. (*hint, hint Andrew*)

Oh how sweet--my puppy fell asleep on the little bed I made for her. (She recently turned 1, but she still acts like a puppy!) She had so much fun exploring the farmyard this morning, although I kept her on her leash the whole time so she wouldn't run off and get lost. Our other dog, Millie is still trying to decide what to think of this new addition to our farm family. :)

Time to eat.... I'll write more later!

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