Sunday, January 17, 2010

A beautiful gift!

Our neighbor, Tamera and 3 of her children came over for a couple hours this afternoon to visit...

...AND Tamera had a WONDERFUL belated birthday present for my mom!
Tamera is a very talented quilt maker and she had made a lovely quilt for my mom... :)

Isn't it amazing??? I love the color combinations she chose for the blocks--and the flower and bird border fabric...
Thank you for your thoughtful gift, Tamera. Even though it was a gift for Mother, everyone here will enjoy looking at for many years to come!


Rachel said...

What a wonderful gift, one to cherish!
This quilt looks so beautifully stitched together, Tamera must be very talented.

God bless
love, Rachel*

Hannah said...

That is a beautiful quilt! What a special gift!

Rachel said...

Oh, it IS sooo beautiful! :D What a VERY special birthday gift! :D I love the colors too! I never would have thought of putting the blue in there with the brown...but it's soo perfect! ;D

Hope all is well with you dear friend! :)

Love and Hugs!

Kyrie said...

That is so nice Cora! I have been wanting to work on another quilt so bad lately! But with school and everything, I am having to put it off for a while...
Thanks for sharing!



Under Southern Skies said...

What a thoughtful gift! It must have taken hours and hours to sew!