Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of electricity!"

There is a blizzard outside again now... Snow is flying through the air and is piling up into tall snowbanks in places where yesterday there were none. It is so delightful to be inside where it's warm on such a night! We've heard from several friends (and my grandparents too,) that they've been out of electricity for the last day or 2 days--due to power lines being broke or poles being pulled down. Our lights have flickered a few times, but so far we haven't lost power for more than a few seconds at a time, so that's a blessing. Life is never dull in North Dakota!

We spent our day doing various odd jobs around the place. Probably the most adventurous part of the day was when my dad went outside to start the water running in the stock cows' tank and he found a calf stuck in the tank... Dad got our lariat and made a halter for the calf and, after some effort, pulled the calf out. Since there's been so much snow lately, the fluffy stuff has piled up around the tank and, consequently, the sides of the tank have sunk lower and lower into the snowbank--allowing the calves to be able to crawl in, obviously. My dad got the tractor out after rescuing the stuck baby and pushed a lot of snow away from the tank. He then moved the tank to higher ground, so now the calves will just be able to drink the water--without crawling in for a swim. :)

Before I go, I thought I'd post another mystery picture... Those of you who've been reading my blog for a while can probably guess what this is pretty easily, but maybe there are others who won't know what this is?

I'll post the guesses and the answer tomorrow night.

Until then,

~Good night!~


Hannah said...

My guess: Kombucha!!

Amy Thomson said...

Yuch, the mystery pic looks so gross...I have NO ideo on what it is!! It could be something liquid in a glass...I don't know!


Rachel said...

Hi Cora!

Oh, I'm so glad that you still have electricity! What happens when it does go down - do you have a generator or something like that for back-up?

That must have been a very wet, cold calf, poor thing! I hope it's alright.

Keep warm and I hope the lights keep shining for you!

God bless.
Love you,

Dilvîn said...


Cora Beth said...

Great guesses! :)

Yes, we have a generator, although my dad said that something's wrong with ours now, so we're very grateful that we never lost our electricity for more than a few seconds! Unfortunately, my grandparents are still without power (they live an hour and a half away from us)and we learned this morning that they don't have water now either and some people are hauling it in from another town. We're praying for the power to come on soon for them!

The calf was alright, as there wasn't much water left in the tank...

Thanks for the comments everyone! I LOVE hearing from you!!!