Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The doings of the day--from my perspective~

Our day started early this morning, as I had an appointment in town and the others wished for some help with chores before I took off. :)

At 9:00, I met with Mr. Hansen in Napoleon to go over some paperwork for my Farm Business Management training. I've been working with him for 2 years now and have just one more meeting to go before I (hopefully) get my certificate of completion!

Then, at 10:00, I went to Helens' Daycare to help her with the children until a quarter after 4. I really enjoy working with her and the sweet children! During previous nap-times, Helen's asked if I brought any reading material along, and today I finally had, so I sat in the rocking chair and read from "Daughters of Eve, Daughters of God" while keeping an eye out for little ones who thought they could sneak over and play with toys instead of sleeping on their blankets... It feels strange to be getting paid for such enjoyment!

When I returned home, I dug out a zucchini (that was still well preserved from our garden) and made some zucchini fritters for supper while Mother cooked some chicken--for the same purpose....
Now I need to get to bed, as we're getting up quite early in the morning again, as the rest of my family need to be in Bismarck by 9:00 and I'd appreciate help with chores before they go!!!


Rachel said...

Yes, that's why Jessica and I don't have a "Set" babysitting payment. :) It's so much fun to watch little ones, and we know many families can't afford to pay the high prices of child care. It's s joy to e able to help and serve. ;) Glad you enjoyed your time with the kids! :D I had to laugh at your description of the kids trying to sneak off to play. ;D Lol! Ah, I remember those days! ;) Not that I was one of those kids or anything. ;) HaHa!

How does your family preserve the zucchini? I would love to know how...I am missing our lovely fresh garden zucchini. :( They are so nice to just toss in with a pasta dish or cook up with eggs for breakfast! Yum! :D

Have a delightful day Cora! :D
Love and Hugs!

Cora Beth said...

Dear friend Rachel~
I'm sure you were NEVER one of those kids... :)

We learned a trick to help preserve all our squash this year. You just dampen a clean rag with vegetable oil and rub it over the whole squash. The oil prevents mold from growing and helps the squash stay fresh for a long time! Then, we just store it in a cool place. We're still enjoying our spaghetti, mystery and hubbard squashes too. :)

Blessings on your day!
Love much,