Friday, January 8, 2010

The matter is settled...

I am now the shortest member of our family! :) My dad dug out the piece of sheet-rock that we've used to measure on since Jacob was 3 or so and we discovered that our suspicions
were indeed a reality--that Jacob is now taller than I am. He's pretty happy!
I thought I'd share a picture here of the snow on our deck... (It was taken from the inside of our patio door--looking to the outside.) Anyone want to volunteer to push snow?
The above picture reminds me of the snow song in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers":

"In November the snow starts to fly--piling up, ankle high.
By December it's up to your knee--still a brides a bride to be.
January, higher still--to the parlor windowsill!
February finds a drift, and a storm that seems never to lift.
March comes in like a lion--what else? Still the snow never melts...
April showers will come so they say, but they don't, and it's May.
You're about to forget the whole thing--all at once, one day it's Spring!!!"

It looks like we have a ways to go before it's Spring here in North Dakota!

My dad thought of a good mystery picture to share today, so here it is:

What is the red "Thing" and what is the green "Thing" in this photo?

I'll post any comments that contain guesses in them tomorrow night. :)

I have something else I'd like to show you before I head for bed...

This morning, when the milking was nearly done, my dad brought me tidings of a present that he found for me while doing his chores. We quickly went and got "It" and hauled it into the heated milk room...

Want to guess what it was?

Well, I won't make you wait for tomorrow night to see the answer to this one and will show you now. :)
Yes--another one of my stock cows (Lydia by name) had a baby, right in a big, fluffy snow bank!!! I thanked the Lord over and over that my baby is alive and well, as it was 26 degrees below zero at the time of his birth! I'm so glad Dad found the little guy when he did!!! I spent a couple hours drying him off and getting him warmed up (with the help of 2 heaters), and then Dad carried him down to the barn where Lydia was and she's taking good care of him now.

I'm just so GLAD that my little bull is alright!

"Thank you, God, for this blessing!!!"


Dilvîn said...

A leaf ( the green thing). A flower ( red thing). I think it is a house plant, and it is some kind of plant maybe in the orchid family. maybe a type of "Vriesea"
I dont know at all! I am tired I stayed up to long trying to guess this! :)
Good night!
The poem is a song too! that I love to sing

Hannah said...

Hmmm... This is a hard mystery picture Cora!!
When I first saw it, I thought that the green was some kind of a house plant leaf, like a jade plant. So, that is my guess for the green.
When I first saw the red thing, I thought it was a shriveled carrot =D, but the more I look at it, I don't think it is, so I am going to guess that it is a flower petal or bud. Of what kind, I don't know!!

Awe! Your little calf is SO cute! Why is it that you breed your cows so that way they have their calves in such cold weather?? I was just wondering!

My brother Enoch said his new years resolution is to get taller than me!! =D

Hannah said...

Here are some guesses from my family:

Mama thinks a bulb being forced by a window sill.

My brothers David, and Nathanael think it is a bird of paradise plant about to bloom.


Anonymous said...

Aaw! Your baby calf is so sweet!What an adorable little nose! Is he an... Angus? I don't know my beef breeds so well. :) We have mostly bony dairy breeds, except one Herford cross that came out of nowhere. I love the curly hair on those kinds.

I have NO idea what the red/green thing is! At first I thought it was some sort of leaf, but leaves don't usually stay green in the winter. As for the red thing- um... I know! It's a twisted piece of.. um... pipe! Maybe.

Cora Beth said...

Thank you so much for guessing, friends!!! It was fun to check through the day for a new guess, and I must say that several of you were pretty close.... :)

Hannah and Anna~
Yes, my calf is an Angus, or that is, he is mostly Angus. His mother was one that I raised as a bottle calf and she has a little Holstein in her, so he is part dairy too. He looks very much Angus though!

As for the question about why we calve this time of year--we actually don't, usually. We put the bulls in the pasture the end of June so as to have calves in April, but then we leave the bulls in until near calving time, as it's just easier to feed everyone all together instead of having seperate water and hay sources. Obviously these 3 cows of mine didn't get bred until right before we took the bulls out before calving! Naughty girls...!

*~Virginia~* said...

My brother left me behind in height too!!!!;-) He's 15 and he's 5'9 or so!!!! Its ridiculous!!!:-)
wooooooow nice snow!!!!:-)

Rachel said...

What a wonderful post! I was too late to take part in guessing what the photo was, but even so I wouldn't have got it right - just that it looked like a plant of sorts. :)

Another adorable calf! I'm so glad he was rescued. I trust he's still doing well.

Well, you may officially be the shortest in your family, but I'm on the other end of the scale and am almost the tallest in mine! I don't know which is worst!

God bless you
Love, Rachel*