Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A busy day~

We all did chores earlier than usual this morning, as there were many things to do today...

My dad hauled 3 loads of hay home from some of our hay land (15 miles away).

Mother sent out our newsletters and taught Jacob his lessons--amongst other things, I'm sure.

Andrew worked on a tractor tire problem for a while.

Jacob did his lessons and worked/played with his snap-circuits set.

My day involved driving to Dawson to pick up the Azure order; then going to Napoleon to put money in the bank; and after that, I went to Helen's to help with her daycare children (she had 11 there today). I helped the children assemble paper snowmen; cuddled the babies when it was nap time; read stories at story time; untangled Jaeda's hair when it got caught in a toy; and helped Helen with whatever she needed help with. When I got home at 4:00, there was still time enough to bake bread and make a pizza for supper. I just love the smell of bread baking, don't you?

It was a busy day, but one well lived!

"Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness
and every tomorrow a vision of hope..."


Dilvîn said...

That is a very nice quote.

I like the smell of bread baking too ;)

My older sister use to work at a day care when she was seventeen. I helped her a couple times when the Lady was on a trip or something. It is very enjoyable to take care of little ones. But I don't think that I will ever be able to feel comfortable taking care of other's children especially those that I don't know. But my sister Hannah, She can just start having so much fun with any child! When me and her have helped out young mothers she always does things with the children and I do the house work. But with my nephews I have so much fun because I know them so well. It is so much fun being an auntie!
I know that God has created me to take care of children and I am thankful for this gift! Even when I sometimes feel that I don't use it much.
Well, may you have a wonderful day in the Lord.

Hannah said...

Hello Cora!
Sounds like you had a nice day!
I love taking care of small children! Grace went out to town with my sister today and her boys. I stayed back because I am getting over a cold. They just got back so I am going to go and greet them! Bye!