Monday, January 11, 2010

Coming soon--Our annual newsletter!

I spent most of my afternoon helping Mother with our annual family-update letter. It's going to get out later than we'd like, but hopefully the old saying, "Better late than never" is true in this case!

We're doing two versions--one that we print out and send to friends that sent us letters, and another that we'll send in an e-mail to other friends and acquaintances we'd like to keep in touch with.

I was working on arranging a LOT of pictures in the computer version of the letter (which gets to be a lot longer than the paper version, as we don't have to pay for postage!) When I was finally finished, our newsletter filled 23 pages!!! Sadly, Andrew says we'll have to cut some things out so that it doesn't take forever for our friends to be able to receive it...

If you would like to be one of the receivers of this picture-full family letter, and if you don't mind that it will take a while to come into your inbox (!), you can let me know at: and I'll add you to our list. :)

Looking through all those pictures today helped me to realize once again how we truly have a very wonderful and interesting life here in North Dakota! The Lord is so good to us!!!


Hannah said...

I emailed you Cora!

Hannah said...

I awarded you!

Dilvîn said...

Dear Cora,
I really enjoyed your family's news letter you all do a great job on it! You baby goats are so cute! can't wait till spring when ours come!:)

Cora Beth said...

Thank you, dear sisters for writing! I'm glad to hear you were able to read the letter, Grace, as some people have been having trouble loading it...

I'll try to do the award as I have time. Thanks for thinking of me!!!

Morse Family said...

Hi Cora Beth,

I just found your blog through Bethany Wissmans blog. The reason I am so very excited is that my name is also Cora! I have only ever met a real living Cora once in my life as the name is so very rare! How exciting! And not only a human person Cora but a christian Cora! Wow! Also, our family has a blog on our adventurous life it is I look forward to keeping up with your blog as our families are both living the farming life! May God richly bless you and your family! Cora Paige

Cora Beth said...

Dear Cora!
I am SOOO glad you commented!!! I also have only met 1 other Cora and heard of 2 others (now 3). :)

I just went to your family's blog and enjoyed it very much! (I'm going to add you to my sidebar right away...) I especially smiled when I saw your brother likes Ballentyne books, as we only recently learned about them from a friend and my brothers now really enjoy those stories too!

I need to go now, but just had to write quick. :) Isn't it wonderful how the Lord brings people with similar interests together? I love to see how He works!

Cora :)