Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sometimes I wonder what is best
in the way that I should go.
Sometimes I really struggle
because I really want to know.
I want God's will, but it is hard
to know what's right for me,
But 'midst these thoughts I firmly feel
--the best is yet to be.

"I know the plans I have for you,"
I hear my Savior say;
"Plans to prosper, not to harm you,
if you willingly obey.
Listen closely, I will tell you,
look around and you will see,
Things look dark for now, I know,
--but the best is yet to be."

This will, this plan, God has for me
may not be what I think.
I can struggle, I can fight it,
from my duty I may shrink.
But no peace will be my pillow,
and my dreams will not be free
'Til I yield my own desirings,
--'cause the best is yet to be.

There is beauty in this trusting,
my life with riches He can fill.
I know the best, God's best for me,
is being in His perfect will.
God's will is the best for now,
but there's a better best for me---
There's a heaven in my vision,
--and the best is yet to be!

~by Jane Eberly


Rachel said...

Wow! Thank you sooo much for sharing that with us this morning. :) That is JUST what I needed to hear. :) I myself have been a bit discouraged of late...getting back on track with some things that have been let go the past few months. :P When I have to get myself back on track, I find I get discouraged with all that's left to do still, or in the looking back...with all that I let go. :( This just helped to encourage me. :) I know what I am trying to accomplish is good and beneficial for me. :)

"The best is yet to be" though. ;) I do have hope and I thank you for that reminder! :) I hope your day is blessed my dear friend! :D

Lot's of Love and Hugs!

Rachel said...

A beautiful poem!

Miss Jen said...

Dearest Friend~
That is beautiful!!!
Thank you for sharing!
Amen~ 'Tis so sweet to Trust
in Jesus' ;)

Love Always~ Miss Jen

Kimberly said...

That was so nice. Thank you for sharing it.

Dilvîn said...

Thank you so much Cora for posting this poem
It is just what I needed to hear!
Yes, His will and way is the best. In this I will rest forever and ever and always. He will be the best for me!