Thursday, January 28, 2010

The most exciting day of the year--so far!

What started out as a usual day on the farm--

involving cooking;


watching Millie play in the snow;

and such...

turned into a very, very exciting day!!!

I need to get to bed very soon, as we're getting up early in the morning to get our chores done so we can head North, but I just had to write something tonight... There are 2 especially special reasons why this day turned out so special, but I'll only tell you of Andrew's joy for today and leave mine to write about until tomorrow night--when I, hopefully, have pictures and have more time to write. :)

And now, about Andrew's excitement: He and my dad went into town today to talk to our banker about the possibility of Andrew getting financing to buy a grain cleaning unit that the guys have found up by Bottineau. By the time they were done discussing the matter, the banker gave his approval of the project, so tomorrow we're going to go look at it for the first time, to see what kind of shape the machine is in and what the guys would all have to do to get it ready to go. This business expansion venture has been in the works for a while now, so it was soooooo exciting to get the go-ahead finally!

To celebrate, Andrew bought some ice cream and root-beer and brought it home so we could all celebrate with root-beer floats. :) I just have to tell you about his buying the ice cream, as it was neat how it seemed like the Lord was celebrating with us...

The ice cream "Just happened" to be on sale, so Andrew picked up a pail of it. Then, he and Dad went around the corner and the root-beer "Just happened" to be on sale too! He also bought some chocolate syrup--which, yes, was on sale. Then, when he was checking out, the total price of the bill equaled about the same amount that the ice cream was said to be for, so Andrew asked the check-out lady if she was sure that was right, as the ice cream sign had said it was on sale for $7. She checked her screen again and then said that the ice cream was on sale for $4. Andrew told her that the sale sign had read $7, so she told him she'd check into it, but that it was his lucky day and she was only going to charge him $4. What a good deal! :)

If you would pray for wisdom as the fellas look over the grain cleaner tomorrow, that would be much appreciated!!!

Mother has a meeting to attend tomorrow afternoon, so won't be able to ride along this time. At first, I wasn't thinking of going along either, but now, the other extreme happiness on my part (a dream come true) will be something we hope to pick up on the way, so I'm definitely going along too!!! (This way, I can take pictures of them with the cleaner too...) That's a long story though, so it will have to wait until tomorrow night...

We also plan to visit our friends, the Bartletts, who live close by where the cleaner is, so I'm so excited now with all that's going on that I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep! I'd best try though, so I'll post this and be off.~


Dilvîn said...

hi Cora,
What a fun filled day!
we like root beer floats too!
Have a good day tomorrow. you have me wondering what you are getting. Have fun!
Good night

me and Hannah are going to try to guess what you are getting:

A grand piano? ~Grace

A Horse? ~ Hannah

Tamera said...

Oh my! I can't WAIT to find out YOUR surprise! I'm waiting on pins and needles! :-)

Rachel said...

Wow! I can't wait to see what your surprise is Cora! :D I liked Hannah and Grace's ideas. ;) HeHe!

That's great about your brother's idea and getting the financing for the grain...thingy. ;) (I'm not good with learning terms and things). ;) Lol! Oh, yum! Now you've got me craving a root beer float! ;D That was such a good deal and a blessings that he could get the groceries for such a little amount! :D Wow!

I hope it all works out with the grain thingy today! :) I'm praying! :)

Love and Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Aaw, I can't believe you're going to make us wait until tomorrow to hear your good news! But it sounds like you had a pretty exciting day, anyway. :)