Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The mysterious mystery picture was......

Shall I tell you now? :)

Alright, I guess I will.

"It" was:

Butter--melting on our electric griddle! It was all melting in one spot, so I took a knife and swirled it around a little--thus the design. Once I'd done that, I looked at the griddle and thought about what a great mystery picture this would be. :) It worked so nicely that even my parents didn't know what it was! (My brothers might not have known either, except that they saw me taking the picture.)
It was so fun to see all of your guesses and then to look back at the picture and actually see what you saw there!!! Thank you so much for your participation. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!
(Proverbs 17:22)


Hannah said...

So that is what it was! Now that I like at it looks like what it is!!
Yes this was fun and I enjoyed it. Thanks Cora!
I have a mystery picture posted on my blog too =D!
Good Night,

So that is what it is! that was very hard! and fun!
Thanks. I enjoy your mystery pics
good night!

Rachel said...

Oh, that was good Cora! I couldn't figure it out!!! And I guessed it was a plant...LOLROF!!!! ;D That's so funny. ;) Very creative dear! :) Yes, I see it now too. :P *smacks forehead* ;) HeHe!

Love and Hugs!

Rachel said...

Hello Cora

I didn't guess on this one but I would NEVER have got it right if I did! Shows how things can 'change' by the way we look at them! :)

God bless and lots of love,