Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's COLD outside!

Our thermometer is reading -20 (F) degrees tonight! It sure was nice to get back in the house after chores were done...

Thank you for your kind comments and prayers!!! Some of us are feeling better tonight, and we were all able to go out to the barn, so that is progress. We watched "Pollyanna" yesterday--to remind us that there's always something to be glad about--even when you're ill and can't sleep...

....Mrs. Snow--"Do you know how many winks of sleep I got last night?"
Pollyanna-- "Uhhh, three?"
Mrs. Snow (almost proud of herself)--"None!"
Pollyanna-- "You are so lucky!"
Mrs. Snow (very surprised!)--"What?"
Pollyanna-- "I often think about how much time we spend sleeping and what things we could do if we didn't have to....."

Thanks again for your prayers!


Hannah said...

Glad you are feeling better Cora!
I have never watched Pollyanna, but I enjoyed the books.

Rachel said...

So glad to hear some of you are feeling better - hope you'll all be well very soon!!

Cora, I really can't even imagine what -20(F) must feel like! That's simply MORE than freezing, I'd probably turn into an ice block!:P
God bless you & your family.

*~Virginia~* said...

oh, I always loved that book!!!!!!!!