Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A clue~

It's been fun to read the guesses on what the current mystery picture is (and I think I found a hard enough one this time, as nobody has guessed what it is yet...) Feel free to comment with as many guesses as you wish!

I thought I'd give you a clue to maybe make it a little easier. (If you are a die-hard, don't read any further than this. :) )

Ready? OK, here's your clue:

~I took this picture in our kitchen around 11:45 AM.~


Tamera said...

I was thinking it was frost on a window?

Hannah said...

Hmmm... I am stumped.
In the kitchen... but what does the time have to do with it? I am thinking that maybe it is your stove and you were washing it? I don't know if you have an electric stove or not. We do, and when I clean it I like to make squiggles and stuff in it. So, that is my guess- for now. I might think of something else though! This is hard, and fun!

Anonymous said...

your kitchen floor?

Hannah said...

Cora are you going to post the answer? I can't wait till the morning! me and hannah can't fall asleep! we keep pushing the reload button to see if you put the answer on yet =D (and we can't stop laughing either!!)!! You really have our interest!