Saturday, January 30, 2010

Andrew's future grain cleaner~

It got later tonight than I'd expected, so this will not be a lengthy post I'm afraid...
Yesterday, we went to look at this cleaner set-up to see what condition it was in and what modifying the guys would need to do to get it ready for cleaning farmers' grain this spring. After looking over the whole thing and discussing matters for a while, Andrew decided to buy the machine!!! This is what the outside of it looks like when the tarps are pulled down:
I have many more pictures I could share, but I'm sure Andrew will wish to do that when he returns.
So, as I'll not say anymore about that, my attention is drawn once again to my dog who is crunching away on her food. I wanted to tell about how the Lord was helping us prepare for this new addition to our family even before we knew it was going to happen........ Three days ago, I dug everything out of a corner of my room and put it in another place or threw it away. I didn't refill the empty spot with a single thing and it looked rather bare, but it now is the place where my doggie goes to rest. Also, on Wednesday, my mom and I bought some sticky lint-remover rollers--something we don't usually purchase, but an item that is coming in handy now with extra hair on clothing from you know who. :)
And now, about how I came to own my puppy... I have desired to own a Basset Hound for as long as I can remember, as they look so darling with their floppy ears and short legs. Well, on Thursday, I happened to look on BisMan Online at their listed giveaways. There, on the second page, was an advertisement for a one-year-old, female Basset Hound. The owner had moved to a different house and wasn't able to have pets there. This add got my attention, and I debated if I should bring it up to my family or not. It took me a while, but I finally got up the courage to ask my parents if I could have: #1. a dog in the house & #2. if that dog could be a Basset Hound. You can maybe imagine my surprise and joy when they said I could give the lady a call to see if this dog was still available.
I went to the computer and got the number. Pretty soon, I was talking to a nice lady who told me all about her dog. I could tell she really loved this dog and would miss her (she cried when she had to say goodbye, but we told her she can come visit any time...) Finally, I asked what the dogs' name was, and you can imagine how funny it was to me/us when she said it was MILLIE!!!!!! As it is extremely confusing to have two dogs who are named "Millie", I have decided to gradually get the new Millie used to the name "Lady"--and we're calling her "Lady Millie" currently. :) Lady Millie is currently sleeping contentedly on her little bed in the corner. I've let her go outside without the leash a couple times now and she was really good about coming in again, so that was encouraging. She did have an accident today, but there are so many things for her to get used to that it's understandable. I/we started working with her today to get her to stay out of the living room, as we don't want her to be on the couches and on the carpet. (So far, she'd been staying in my room.) She did really, really well and seems to learn quickly. Can you tell that I like my little Lady? :)
I'd best join her in dream land now~


Miss Jen said...

What a beautiful grain cleaner!!!
Awww... Millie sounds SO sweet!
Hope you are having a LOVELY
weekend!! Bless you dear friend.

Love~ Miss Jen

Kimberly said...

Your new dog is so cute!! I'm sure she will be a faithful friend to you. Dogs are my favorite animal.