Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bread, buisness cards, and bookwork~

The rest of my family went to town today...

Mother had sessions to do at her office (she shares an office with 4 other ladies) all morning/afternoon.

The guys went to an all-day meeting on Soil Health Management. They came back with new ideas to talk and think about. They were also happy to have seen some unexpected friends, such as the Stiegelmeiers, Stegmans and a Stover--plus many others!

Meanwhile, here at home, I baked a fresh batch of bread (and crust for a pizza)...

After I had the bread rising, I went outside to start the water hose running into the stock cow tank, and to get the mail. There was a package in our mailbox that we've been looking for--the business cards (promoting Prairie Days) that the Dagleys had helped to design on VistaPrint while they were at our house a while back. Now they/we can start handing them out to people wherever we go... :)

I spent a good deal of time working on paperwork again--trying to figure out what my plans are (for my cattle) for this year. Thankfully, I have hopes that I'm nearing the end of all the empty boxes that need filling...
When my head was reeling from dealing with numbers, I took an enjoyable and lengthy break at the piano. It's so fun to be able to play without the soft-petal being pushed down!
I also went around the house looking for good mystery pictures to take! I have a few in my arsenal now, but will only post one at the present time...
Do you know what this is? I'm thinking this might be too easy, as my brother guessed it right away, but I'll give it a try anyway...

I'll wait until tomorrow night to post your guesses. :)
And now, I will bid you good night--or a good day, whichever time it happens to be in your part of the world when you read this. May God be with you~


Dilvîn said...


Rachel said...

The Prairie Days cards looks great! :D I hope you have a great turn-out this year for it! :D

Sounds like you had a peaceful and productive day! :) Your bread looks yummy! I made bread yesterday as well! :) HeHe! I'll have to send you a picture of something funny happened. ;) Lol!

I wish our piano worked...I miss it. :( I didn't know that you played piano either...see, there's still lot's I have to learn about you! ;)

Um, pinecone! :) Right? :) HeHe! I'm never good at these things's like a trick question and I am so worried I'll get it wrong and look silly, that I can hardly think about what the picture actually is most times! ;D Lol!

Love and Hugs! I hope you have a wonderful day dear friend! :D

Hannah said...

Sounds like a nice day :)!
We just got a personalized calendar in the mail yesterday that I made on VistaPrint.
I always like just taking a break in my work to play the piano! It is so enjoyable.

Now about the mystery picture...
I am guessing that it is a. . . pine cone???

Anonymous said...

Blessings on you for blessing us with this beautiful post bursting with bountiful beauties of the best of our blanet. OOPS

Morse Family said...

I would say it is a pine cone?!

Anonymous said...


It looks like wood...maybe Lincoln Logs?? Or maybe a planter??

mary C