Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our kids~

What a wonderful day this has been!

This evening, after just getting started with chores, Andrew called to me and said he heard little kids (baby goats) bawling in the goat barn! Jacob and I dropped what we were doing and hurried to the barn. Sure enough, 2 sweet newborns were there, hungry for some colostrum/milk. Goat babies often need help getting started with nursing, and such was the case with our two little doelings. Thankfully, it's a lot warmer outside these days and we're pretty sure they'll be fine in the barn tonight. I'll try to remember to get pictures of them tomorrow to share with you all. :)

My brothers are really tired and achy tonight, as they went to Bismarck with mother today and spent most of the afternoon ice skating at a rink with the Dagley young men and some of the Geiger boys. It sounds like they had a lot of fun... I'd thought about going with them, but I had some paperwork that needed attention and thought I'd better take advantage of a quite house and work on that instead. My dad was hauling grain again today, so I truly had the whole place to myself for most of the day. I baked a crumb cake (yes, that's really the name of it) when I got tired of looking at figures and paper, paper, and more paper!

Oh yes, I smelled up the kitchen very nicely for a while too.... An advertisement from a coffee-maker company had come in the mail for me today (I'm not sure why I got that?) and with the advertisement, there was a coffee sample. As nobody in our house drinks coffee, but we all like the smell of it, I just boiled some water and added the coffee grounds to it--resulting in a wonderful aroma! :)

One other thing that brightened my day came in the form of a comment I received--from a young woman named "Cora"! I don't know of many other people who share my name, so it was so exciting to meet her!!! I've already added her family's blog ( to my sidebar if you'd like to check it out. Isn't it just so wonderful to meet new sisters and brothers in the Lord?

I'll leave you now with the January 13th wish from my daily calendar~

"May you always find three welcomes in life,
In a garden during summer,
At a fireside during winter,
And whatever the day or season in the kind eyes of a friend."

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