Monday, January 25, 2010

It was....

...our Kombucha tea--in the making! Great guessing... It does look strange, I know! :)

This was an interesting day--the interesting kind that I like...
Q. What is a good thing to do while it looks snowy and cold like this outside?
A. Stay inside and dream! My dad got out a couple pieces of clean paper and started drawing up another house plan--to be revised and maybe built some time in the future, when we have enough extra funds and time to work on building a house. :) After he had a good outline drawn, we helped to fill in the empty areas with dream items... The boys thought a pool/ping-pong table would be fun to have in the family room, and we ladies thought a grand piano would look, well, grand in the spacious living room...

I found this really beautiful one on-line that costs a mere $51,000 (US dollars). What's a dream if you don't dream big, right? :)

I also found the perfect piano for Jacob's future home... For now, this is all a dream, but perhaps some of it will become reality some day!
While I was busy in a certain room of our house today, I chanced to look at this:
...and to think about what a great mystery picture this would make! It would be fun to hear from a lot of you on what you think this is--and I think I'll leave 2 days for guessing this one (meaning I'll post the answer Wednesday night.) Maybe it will turn out to be easier than I think, I don't know?
Well, here's wishing that your dreams tonight would be sweet.
May God bless you and keep you as you follow Him!


Hannah said...

Oh, beautiful piano! And only $51,000 :) As of right now, I still have a student piano that some dear friends of ours gave us. I am so thankful though, that I at least have a piano! I remember when I was about 6, and we did not have piano yet, but I really really wanted to learn to play. I took a sheet of cardboard and drew piano keys on it and tried to play "Mary had a little lamb". It did not really sound like anything, but I imagined that I was playing it- I wonder if it had been a real piano if I really would have been doing the right notes!?! Soon after that, Mama and I would walk down to our elderly neighbor Dolly's house and Mama would give me lessons. I learned some, but it was kind of hard because I did not have any piano to practice on at home. One day, Daddy brought home a small keyboard that my grandparents had sent home with he was visiting them. I was SO excited!! After that was when I got better at playing the piano. It is so neat to see how the Lord works things out- isn't it?
Sorry for such a long comment. . . but I had actually just been thinking about all that and your post reminded me of it again!
And the mystery picture, wow, this is a hard one! I am glad you are giving us a couple days! Can I do more than one guess??
I'll be trying to think of what it could possibly be as I go to bed. . . which I should be doing, so good night!

Rachel said...

Cora, I love that snowy photo of the swings!

Oh, that is a piano to dream about, it's so beautiful. I had a good laugh at the one you picked out for Jacob! :D

God bless,

Anonymous said...

I think it is a soapy blackboard.

Miss Jen said...

Awww~ I love that piano *sigh* ;)
Beautiful post!
Hope you have a sweet day~ dear friend!!

Love~ Jen

Dilvîn said...

Frosted glass?
I might give a few more guesses later
I have not been commenting lately. I have hardly even been on the computer at all! But I still visit your blog. but I don't always have the time to comment. That's because I type so slow! I'm a chicken pecker!
I hope you have a very nice day Cora.
~ Grace

Hannah said...

Here's my guess... a window that has either frost or snow on it, and maybe someone swiped something over it...? That was my first thought. If I think of anything else I'll write another comment.

The Gilmore Family said...

I've not a clue of what the mystery picture is! I was browsing your blog and saw that and wondered what in the world it was! I know it's ice, of course, but, where?

Sarah G.

Rachel said...

Ahh, yes...we have our "dream" house as well...with a HUGE kitchen for me to play...*cough*...I mean "work" in. ;D HaHa! Yes, I agree, that piano is very grand, and so beautiful! You MUST have it for you house dear! ;) It's be the perfect things for such a grand family! :D LOVE th plane one for your brother...that is soo funny! I've never seen anything like that before! :) That certainly would be original! ;)

Hmm, well, that pictures is much looks like a plant to me. Like maybe a palm type? But then you said you took the picture at a certain time in that certain room, so I don't know what that would have to do with it. ;) Lol! I can't wait to see what it is though! :)

Thank you for your sweet letter dear! It cheered me up first thing this morning! :) I loved your hug! ;) I'll try to reply soon. :)

Love and Hugs my dear friend!
Keep warm! ;D