Friday, January 29, 2010

I now have a room-mate!!!

Sitting at my feet this night is my very own, beautiful, long-eared-endowed Basset Hound!!!!! :)

I am so tired from our long day and have so much to write about, so pictures will have to suffice for tonight...

Here is my dream come true:
Aren't her ears beautiful?
We had a long, 4 hours worth of time in a vehicle, but she was very good and never made a mess.
I think my dad likes her a little bit already too...

I'd best put my puppy to bed! She is excitedly finding where her boundaries are in my room...


Rachel said...

HeHe! :D AWWWWWW!!!!! :) She is so sweet! :) She will have lot's to explore on your farm too! ;) Have a delightful time with your new friend my dear! :D

Love you and lot's of Hugs!!!
Have a Blessed Weekend!

Dawn Bornemann said...

You see Cora, when we seek the Lord and His rightousness FIRST, ALL things shall be added unto you. I PRAISE GOD THAT HE HAS MADE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE!!!
You and I both know how many years we prayed that your roommate would be a little sister. I guess we'll have to be on the other side before we understand why He said, "No" to those requests. But now He has said, "YES" to this dream!!! How very wonderful of Him! PRAISE THE LORD!!!
May she bring you many years of joy, my dear Cora Beth!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah said...

How exciting! How old is she?
Does she have a name yet!