Thursday, January 14, 2010

It was so lovely, it seemed like spring!

It nearly reached 40 degrees (above zero!) today and when I went outside to check on our little kid this afternoon, it truly felt like spring. :)

This morning, I was up and about before the others and decided to head outside to take some letters to the mailbox and to get some snow pictures (along with the kid pictures I shared earlier)...

Anybody want to go on the merry-go-round? You'd best bring your tall snow-boots!
Cheerio was ready for her breakfast...
This is our cozy home--our little house on the prairie!
We are so blessed here on our peaceful (most of the time) farm! I especially cherish this time of year when we have more family time and time to rest--and time to work on projects and such...
I pray that you are enjoying and benefiting from this season in your life as well.
"Time is a very precious gift from God; so precious that it's only given to us moment by moment." ~Amelia Barr


Hannah said...

Beautiful pictures Cora!
Winter is so lovely-- and restful!!
I like the quote!

Miss Jen said...

Lovely pictures....
you have a beautiful home
and the most adorable little
goats!!!! ;)

With Much Love~ Miss Jen

Anonymous said...

Dear Cora,
I didn't know that you were up and about early yesterday morning! Isn't it wonderful how a camera can capture a moment? Cheerio is such a wonderful cow--I'm so glad that you shared these pictures with us all--even those you live with who "Should" know that you were out taking pictures yesterday morning. Isn't that word, "Should" awful?
Great post,

Dilvîn said...

What a cute little kid!
Those are very nice snow pictures. Isn't it so strange how when the temp. rises a bit in winter it feels so warm? But then if it was to be 40 in summer we would be shivering and in need of a sweater!
It has gotten a bit warm to here too. The ice is falling of our roof and it is sort of scary to walk in or out of the door. It is a little bit colder today and I hope to go skiing.
Well you have a good day and now I have to go start a load of laundry :)

Rachel said...

Dear Cora
Thank you for sharing these photos. It's nice to see your peaceful-looking 'house on the praire'; and the soft sunlight looks beautiful on the snow.

I love being outside early morning when everything feels fresh. It's also a good time for taking photos.

There is not much change in the seasons here - there is no winter 'rest'. I can imagine that it's nice to have such dramatic changes sometimes.

God bless
love, Rachel*