Friday, January 22, 2010

Great guessing!

It was, indeed, a pine cone. :) Would it have been any harder if I'd posted this picture instead?

Today, my parents had a "Date". They went to Bismarck first to get some farm supplies and then went on from there to my dad's uncles' funeral in Center. You may remember me talking about my dad's cousin, Jerome helping us with our cattle working... Well, this uncle was Jerome's dad. After the funeral, my folks visited with relatives a long time and then they took Jerome and his daughter, Betsy out to eat, as it happened to be Jerome's birthday today as well! Can you imagine burying your father on the same day that you were born? That must have been so hard for him...

We children had stayed home in order to do chores so that Dad & Mom could stay as long as they wished. They didn't get home until nearly midnight and said they were happy for the break.

While they were gone, we did household chores; Andrew & I helped Jacob with some of his schoolwork (and Andrew helped me with some of my paperwork...); I made a batch of cheese; we watched a couple movies; played games; and of course, did the barn chores too. I don't think I ever mentioned that we let my 3 calves (and their mothers) out of the barn and put them in with the milk cows when the weather turned warmer. The calves have very much been enjoying their freedom! It is so fun to watch them romp in the snow... Also, our little goat kid, Cosette is a joy to behold as she does her fancy jumping and twists around in the air! Babies are so sweet, aren't they?


Miss Jen said...

Indeed babies are Oh~ sooooo sweet!
I had they joy of holding my
little 4 month old cousin today
and it was simply heavenly! *sigh*

Thank you for sharing with us all~
how lovely it must be to have calves, and cows!!

Love~ Miss Jen

A Joyful Chaos said...

What an interesting photo. I enjoy close-ups.

Thanks for sharing.

Rachel said...

HeHe, yeah, that might have been more difficult for me. ;)

Aww, I'm sorry about his death. How difficult! I'm glad your parents could be there. :) My granddad actually died on my dad's birthday. :( (when I was a baby, so I didn't know him) It is still hard for my dad at he has such vivid images in his mind of it all.

How thankful we are that one day, we can see him in heaven though! :) God's promises are so special to us...they give us hope! :D God is so loving to give all of us, as Christians, that hope isn't He? :)

I'm glad your parents could have a nice long visit. :) We try to get my parents some time to themselves every once in awhile to. It's hard in a big family and with lot's of work to be done to get time alone. ;) Sounds like you and your brothers had a good day too! :D

Love and Hugs dear friend! :D

Anonymous said...

I still remember going to my 13 year old cousins funeral on my 13th birthday. Guess it helps us not to forget the day.

Hannah said...

Yeah Cora, I think that would have been a bit more difficult but it's hard to say since I already know what it is!
Sorry to hear about your Uncle. That would be hard. My great, great auntie Myrtle died on my golden birthday. But she lived a good long life...

I always think it is so fun when Mama and Daddy go out for a nice time and all of us children have a nice time together here at home. Sounds like you had a nice time with your brothers. What kind of cheese did you make?

Oh! I can hardly wait till our little goats are born. They are on of my favorite baby animals. Kittens, puppies and calves too. Yes, babies (of all kinds) are very sweet.
Good night!
<3 Hannah Marie

Cora Beth said...

Thank you, one and all for your comments! They bring such joy and comfort... How sad for your father, Rachel, to have his father die on his birthday! That would be so hard.

I just made our quick "Vinegar" cheese, as we call it. Our favorite way to eat this cheese is to fry it in oil for a little while; flip it over; then let the other side brown. Delicious!